Firebirds News · Proposed Return to Play of Sports for School of the Future as of 1/18/21

Hello Firebird Athletic Family:


Well, those that matter have spoken with regard to a possible schedule as of January, here it is:


Schedule 2:

Winter Season:   January 18-24  Practices of indoor sports

January 25-28  Scrimmages of teams

February 6- March 20th  Amended Schedule of Games

*Sports would be Basketball/Wrestling/Swimming


Fall Season:  February 8th-19th  Practices

February 22-26th  Scrimmages of teams

March 1st-April 17th  Amended Schedule of Games

*Sports would be Football/Soccer/Cross Country/Girls Volleyball


Spring Season:  April 5-16  Practices

April 19-24  Scrimmages of teams

April 26th-June 5th  Amended Schedule of Games

*Sports would be Baseball/Softball/Track/Boys Volleyball


Schedule 2A would be if the dates push up a bit add a week or two


Schedule 3-  Not sure of until if we were to see if Sports were pushed off until just the Spring.


*All of this is subject to change at any time.




Howard Waxman, M.Ed, R.A.A.

Athletic Director

School of the Future