Firebirds News · Latest News for Sports in the City as of 9/16/2020

Hello Firebird Nation:

I have the latest news I would like to share with you.  We will be having 3 Virtual Seasons prior to our anticipated start schedule of January 1.

Virtual Seasons:

Virtual Season 1:  (Fall Sports)  September 14 – October 23

Virtual Season 2:  (Spring Sports)  October 19 – November 27

Virtual Season 3  (Winter Sports)  November 23 – January 1

  • This is set up for the coach to see the interest, reach out to players and hold virtual meetings and workouts online.  If your student is interested in a sport in the fall/winter/spring I will list the coaches emails here:
  • Alicia Conquest-  –  Track/Cross Country
  • Steve Bargiovianni- – Men’s Varsity Soccer/Women’s Varsity Basketball/Men’s Varsity Baseball
  • Jess Tosto- – Women’s Varsity Soccer/Women’s Varsity Softball
  • Donna – Cheer
  • David – Varsity Men’s Football
  • Howard – Men’s JV Basketball
  • Stan – Men’s Varsity Basketball
  • David – Women’ Varsity Volleyball/Women’s JV Softball

The actual playing seasons we are anticipating are as follows given we are back in January:


Playing Season 1:  (Winter Sports)  January 4 – February 20

Playing Season 2:  (Fall Sports)  February 22- April 17

Playing Season 3:  (Spring Sports)  April 19- June 12



*As you can see, I have to imagine this will be a modified play schedule to take place only with teams in our division in District 12.  I cannot see competition or a state run in any sport this year, but a modified play schedule relegated to teams in our division only this year.  As indicated by the last day of Spring Sports being June 12.  There is no way we could go that late and be able to compete in a state run as they will have already been played and finished around Pennsylvania for those districts which decided to go ahead and play sports this whole year.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me at


Stay Safe and see you all soon.


Howard Waxman, M.Ed., R.A.A.

Athletic Director

School of the Future